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Movie Craft's current film is a vampire horror film called DEGOL, and the next film IN CONTROL will be a science-fiction thriller, and the third a horror film mainly set in a isolated house called SIMPLE MURDER. Three very different films, but all we beleive have in common that they are very commercial.


DEGOL is a vampire story set in modern-day London and the eighteenth century. It follows the seemingly immortal existence of Clio and her fellow vampires, and tells a love story spanning the centuries. The tone is a fast-moving episodic story combined with the visceral darkness of Silence of the Lambs. The episodes though independent and self-contained are linked to provide a thrilling blood-soaked ride. It is about who she meets and who she remembers in the past.
There are three episodes each having a separate title. The first episode called "Clio" shows Clio working in an office, and going to a club in the evening. It is when she suddenly suffers an unprovoked attack outside that we find out that she is a vampire... More info

In Control

A young lawyer experiences a strange phenomena and starts to think that she might be going mad, until she meets Dave, who has also experienced these events. Together they try to convince people waht is raelly happening in the world... More info   Poster

Simple Murder

Louise and Christine have known each other for years, and meet again at the beginning of the film after several years apart. Christine is grateful to stay at Louise's house and and they become very close. They would do anything for each other. One of them accidentally kills a man, and together they find an unusual means to dispose of the body. A means they will live to regret...
Reasons to invest in a movie
Movies can be "magic" and can let us see things we wouldn't otherwise.

There is no other business like it, where for the low investment compared to real estate etc, the potential returns can be enormous over the short, medium, and the long term. Movies last "forever". They can reach new generations and new markets. HALLOWEEN cost under 0.5 million (under $320,000) to produce, has earned over 60 million (over $75,000,000) and will continue generating income for more than a lifetime. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD cost under under 100,000 (under $114,000) and has earned over 30 million (over $40,000,000). Probably the most famously successful is the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT made for somewhere under 45,000 (under $35,000) and to date has grossed over 200 million (over $248,000,0000) world wide. They all have one thing in common; they were the very different and original when they came out, and were then followed by a long line of copies.
Invest in a movie, it could be the best move that you'll ever make.
Invest in a film, it could last forever.
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